stash bustin'

since i'm usually a voracious knitter, this isn't much of an issue with yarn, but this fabric stash for an infrequent sewer is a bit ridiculous:very few of these were bought with a specific project in mind... i just have a thing for textiles and love buying fabric, i guess. and sometimes i buy them with an idea for a project that is not really my skill level yet.

i know many sewers have a larger stash, but i'm not really digging into mine, while still actively accumulating. in addition, i have this pile of half-finished projects or clothes to alter:

my sewing "room" is a tiny end of a tiny bedroom. this has to stop. i can't believe i'm actually going to take this vow, but no more fabric. not even if i think i need it to use up something in my stash! no more fabric. not until i work it down so that it is no longer falling off the shelves and the pile in silver tub actually fits in the silver tub.
hopefully this means more blog posts of fo's soon.


  1. Anonymous17.8.10

    It must be genetic. Looks like our garage, er.. looks like our garage used to look.


    ps. Isn't there a better way to spell sew-er, instead of sewer, when you're talking about what sounds like trash?

  2. If it's genetic it certainly came from your side!

    Only you would read it and see "trash" sewer. Not sure how to say it - definitely not a seamstress.

  3. Anonymous18.8.10

    While I would never deny my genetic contribution to cluttering, after cleaning out Nonno's garage, Mom's side does contribute. By the way, I didn't get my comments to post before but I do really like the Impulse Seattle sweater. It looks store-bought (if that can be construed as a compliment).


  4. oh, you know what? that first picture looks store-bought because it is - it's a picture of a sweater i'm trying to recreate. we'll see how close i get.