back in business

So I finally returned from what turned out to be two weeks in Boston and western Mass, and plugged in the camera. I knitted obsessively and will hopefully finish Sunshine soon, but was also lucky enough to have little E model the dresses I made her in the spring!

Really, the pictures of the baby are much more exciting than the dresses, but it was awesome to see them in action! I love the Tina Givens fabric in the first one, and I love the pattern too, but I struggled with the collar. The second dress turned out much longer than I expected; I would shorten it next time, but I loved the ruffled edge.

I was also lucky enough while visiting Andrea to acquire this scarf from her, which I ogled the whole time she was knitting it back when we worked together. It's a beautiful moss stitch with Frog Tree yarn, and the trade-off was that I have to weave in the ends (which I hid for the picture). This scarf took a lot of patience because moss stitch is a pain in the butt, so I REALLY appreciate this gift!

Hopefully I'll be posting more soon when I finish Sunshine...

and start playing with some of the other things I picked up...

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