sunshine and bugs

Sunshine is finally done! And I've got some bugs to go with it.

I made some modifications to narrow the sleeves, lengthen the entire sweater, and change the neck to a small ruffle instead of the ribbed collar (see description on Ravelry). I'm pretty happy with it - I pray to the swatch gods now because knitting the swatch is why this fits and not knitting the swatch is why the minimalist cardigan did not.

I've also been dying to try embroidery, so I stitched up a few bugs on these cloth napkins I bought (4 for $2) at The Garment District. I got the idea from a beetle I saw in a Japanese embroidery pattern book online, and then sketched a couple other ugly bugs. This was therapeutic for my bug phobia, because I got a little desensitized after looking at pictures of bugs online to get ideas for drawing. I have a particular problem with centipedes, so that was a helpful stitch.

The beetle is my favorite.

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