demi week one

Uh, I'm not exactly going to post a week by week update on Demi, but it has been a week and here's where I'm at:

I'm knitting in the round, which I think is much easier to avoid the Ptbl and I'm psyched to minimize the seaming. I don't think the pictures show it, but some of my knitting looks kind of sloppy, which I'm hoping will block out somewhat. All the cables and twists make it hard for me to be consistent sometimes, so I'm trying to go slow and focus on making it look nice - you focus so hard on just getting the pattern at first that it's hard to pay attention to anything else! I've been pulling the bobbles through on the right rather than the left because I think it makes them sit flatter.

I found an awesome tutorial for cable knitting without a cable needle, because, well, I forgot my cable needle, and I think this has made it a lot faster, and probably helps me avoid stretching the stitches out too much when I'm cabling. I think I'll stop using a cable needle forever. Big words in this knitting dork's world.

I really need to send the previously mentioned gifts out too...