wipe your mouth, please

With these cloth napkins from anthropologie. For some reason this top ended up being a lot harder than it looks, or than it should have been. Maybe I was being too impulsive since I expected it to be easy, but I ended up ripping out stitches repeatedly. I honestly should have been able to do this quicker if I was more careful.
Ultimately this was just two napkins (on sale for $3.95 each!) sewn together, with about a two inch seam at the top, tapering down to slits on the bottom. A hidden zipper is sewn on the left side, and I seemed to struggle with matching the patterns up at the sides, matching the ends of the zipper up properly, and sewing the space below the zipper correctly. The halter is just ribbon reinforced three times at the seam. I considered making the straps cross in the back, but I like the look of the halter.

I should iron things before I photograph them.

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