baby shrug

Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug

I knit this with Rowan Handknit Cotton (334 Delphinium) so that it would be machine washable, but I don't love the feel and the look of 100% cotton yarn. Since knitting is largely about process, I like yarns that feel awesome while I'm knitting, and I don't really find cotton to fulfill this requirement. Like I said before, being persistent about knitting an accurate swatch paid off.
One addition to my "To Do" list in the last post:
5. Learn to knit continental. I've been working on it today and it's slowgoing - it feels so awkward and I constantly feel like I have to crack my knuckles.
I'll be posting pics of the sweater and dress together when the dress is complete!

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  1. Anonymous19.6.09

    so cute! can't believe you already finished this!