a Great Big Bag

I finally finished this bag, which I thought would be done last Tuesday. I used a tapestry-type fabric I found in the remnants at Osgood's and lined it with a silk pattern that I love from the remnants at G Street (reinforced by a piece of white lining to make a solid background for the semi-sheer silk).

I love huge bags that I can throw everything in; I suppose this is because I don't have a car. It is pretty sturdy, with thick straps and a 4-inch overlap of the tapestry in the lining. Initially I planned on designing it like this bag I made in January:

but along the way I made the base wider and the straps thicker, and I managed to sew in a straight line now too. Finally. This fabric is much thicker and holds it's shape better as well.

Things were going well for the first half, at which point I thought "What if I was able to make this whole thing without using my seam ripper?" No such luck. Aside from other small errors, I made the lining slightly too small, and made the bag slightly taller than I initially calculated. I took it apart, cut the bottom of the lining, and added a panel of lining at the base. Oh, and I made a matching pillow. Well, not so that I have a bag/pillow coordinated set, but so that my mom would stop making fun of my folding chair:

Hopefully the next post will be something knit, but that might mean there is not a next post for a while...

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