where am i

Whoa.  Life has caught up with me.  A surprise super-long family visit (with guests staying in the sewing room!), a weekend away, a hurricane (although I actually got a little sewing done) and then a week of some flu kind of thing.  I'm going through some serious sewing withdrawal.

So to start catching up, here are some baby gifts I made for my good friend Kim to give at her baby shower almost a month ago.
(Obviously this is not Kim's baby - he's not here yet and obviously would not be that big if he was!  This is another friend's 16-month-old daughter who I visited earlier in the day.  She had, uh, mixed feelings about being my model.)

I love these bandana bibs from Purl Soho's tutorial - so much cooler than regular bibs.  I thought Kim's rockstar husband might approve too.

And a newborn hat/bootie set made from Sirdar Snuggly Bamboo.


  1. your model is precious. i can not wait for this little man to wear all of these things! only 5. more. weeks!

    i'm sorry you had a flu thing :(

  2. jesse o5.11.12

    Those bibs are an awesome idea. I've never seen them before and to think of all the baby showers I could have brought them to!

  3. smunch5.11.12

    I know - so much cooler than most of the baby crap out there ;) I'm joking. Sort of. Super quick and easy, except hand sewing the snaps, which really isn't THAT bad.

  4. smunch5.11.12

    I know, she's a cutie, she looks just like her mama too. I can't wait to SEE little man wearing them. You are nearing the home stretch, lady! I'm so excited!

  5. Kristina6.11.12

    Aw, the baby gifts are so cute!! A friend of mine is having her baby soon and I'm trying to decide what to make her :)
    Sorry you were kept away from the sewing room so long. I hope you're feeling better and will be able to get back to the sewing machine :))

  6. smunch8.11.12

    Thanks! I definitely recommend the bibs. I almost made a stuffed animal too.

    I'm hoping for a weekend of sewing while Mr. Smunch is at work - barring any natural disasters or illness (I'm picturing the next disaster to be that my sewing machine suddenly stops working!)