indefinite hiatus

I haven't fallen off the deep end, but my laptop has.  The hard drive fried 2 1/2 weeks ago and I'm mostly sort of loving being forced of the internet.  I started reading again!  (And I've only read my blog reader twice!  Whoa.)

Anyways, my only access is a 7-year-old laptop that is excruciatingly slow and most certainly can't handle uploading pictures.  When I can afford something new?  Who knows.  So the blog is on hold indefinitely, but hopefully one day I'll be back.

This is a bummer because this weekend I will be attending the first (that we know of) DC/MD/VA blogger meet-up.  But I'm kind of not a blogger anymore, just a blogger-poseur.  :(


  1. Go to the Library. Fast free computers +wifi. You may be the only one not abusing the service for pr0n/ illegal downloads, but still XD

  2. ohh, bummer! I hope you can come up with something. but I don't think a hiatus makes you a non-blogger, unless you think you'll just retire forever. :-/

  3. Kristina1.12.12

    Oh no, Lauren :(( I hope you'll be back soon! Have a lovely christmas time!