handmade autumn

You may have heard me mention before... I have been stashing away all of my new handmade fall clothes like a layaway surprise wardrobe for when it finally (when?!) gets cool.  My mom and I are spending a weekend in Philly so it's the perfect chance to debut my fall stash.  You know, for the paparazzi who have been waiting to photograph my fall collection.

I covered a box with corduroy and threw in a few pairs of new shoes I bought, and then made myself "forget" about these clothes.  You know how they say people who delay gratification have issues?  I'm one of them.  And it was so fun to open this up and pack for my trip!

Funny story... you can stop reading now if you've had enough.  When I was about 6 or 7 I stole a gloworm from a playroom at a "mom" clothing store by slipping it in my little purse and then laying down on the bench in the playroom and trying to make myself fall asleep so I would "forget" that the gloworm, I don't know, fell in my purse and thus it would be an accident.  I was riddled with guilt and told my mom as soon as we got home.

This box was kind of like that, except a little more honest - "forgetting" and then having a great surprise that I actually knew about the whole time.  What a dork!


  1. Kristina28.10.12

    Yay, I've been waiting for the time you got your fall clothes out! Have fun wearing them and have a great time in Philly!

  2. smunch2.11.12

    Thanks! It was warmer than I expected but I wore my fall clothes anyways ;)

  3. haha! I love this idea. Kind of reminds me of the feeling I get once a year-ish after I clean out my closet and find clothes I'd forgotten about. Makes it feel like I have something new and exciting to wear!

  4. smunch10.11.12

    Exactly - I forget about clothes I had when do the summer/winter switch every year too. It helps curb a shopping habit ;)