prints exhibit

we went to see the special exhibit of prints at the baltimore museum of art (free art museum!) today and i LOVE some of the prints and they make me dream of printing my own textiles.  (i apologize in advance for my stinky pictures with my dirty grainy camera with lots of glare and reflection.  excited to browse further now?)

these prints were made in 1930 by sonia delaunay, a french artist.  i would love to make some dresses with textiles of these prints.  i'm not going to try to be all art history or art critic or something, but i love the blocks of color and the patterns and movement.

these really struck me too, prints by a russian artist el lissizky, made in the 1920's.  they were intended for a russian futurist opera based on "the ultimate triumph of modernism and technology, wherein the sun is replaced by a man-made source of energy."  the meaning behind them are as powerful as the images.  they remind me of metropolis by fritz lange.

and these are by a contemporary artist name julie mehretu who describes her images as "a little world that went beserk."  i love that.  i love these.

and these i liked before i even found out they were made by etching an ant's path around a box for hours. 

it's going to be forever and ever before i can afford a real camera and i will probably continue to complain about that in every post.  that sounds like fun, right?  until then, i should probably figure out how to clean my lens.  particularly because i spilled peach juice on it 3 1/2 years ago.

hopefully when i can afford a camera i can afford photography lessons too!


  1. Anonymous30.1.12

    Ooo I can picture a quilt inspired by the second photo!

  2. Ooh, that's a really good idea! Good eye!