one line a day

i know this project has made the rounds of pinterest recently, via design*sponge, via ashley from under the sycamore - but i actually made this over a year ago!  i never used it, i didn't think it was the right gift for anyone else at the time, and then lo and behold, perusing pinterest a few weeks ago i saw that my lovely friend kim had pinned it!  just the right gift.  i surprised her with that one!  i will say i took virtually no creative liberties and copied this almost identically from the original.  i guess there was nothing to fix.

one reason i never used it was because i got this journal in 2011, and I LOVE IT.  and now i am loving filling in 2012 and seeing what was going on this time last year.  fun to see prophecies, such as pondering whether or not we will end up in baltimore when we were on a road trip last may, or wondering if elmore was getting sick back in july, a month before he died.  wait, that one was not fun.  but interesting, or maybe eerie to see i guess.

slowly but surely, home projects are to come...


  1. That's a cool idea, I for one didn't see it before on Pinterest or on Design Sponge :)I'm adding it to my "could make a great christmas gift 2012" idea pile. Never to early to start right? :)

  2. Of course not! I actually enjoyed making this, I thought all the stamping might get tedious but you kind of get into the rhythm of it.