a new old dresser

here's my sad little dresser, bought on craiglist in 2006 for $35.  many things got coated in this shade of leftover brown paint back in those days, and i put on some fake-crystal-looking knobs from home depot.  those things are junk, as you can see from how many remained on the dresser five years later.

so, with inspiration from none other than pinterest (you're shocked) i did the baking soda and vinegar and steel wool thing and added some beautiful handpainted knobs from buckleberry on etsy and came up with this:

i'm noticing now that i should have pushed the drawers all the way in, but it never looks like that in real life (actually this is pretty good) so, oh well.

i also hung up my necklaces after seeing the odette sneak peak.  this corner still needs some work, and one day the scarves might be hung on something other than the blue twine our christmas tree was wrapped in.

by the way, buckleberry is a great little shop and the designer was SO helpful and accommodating, helping me pick just the right color and shipping super fast even though it was christmas time and these were not a gift order.  here's the only knob close-up picture i took that wasn't terrible and blurry:

oh and this is funny.  much of the delay was due to this $#%#$ knob that would not come out because the screw was stripped.  MANY attempts by both ben and i, two different screw extractors, two different tantrums (moving has been stressful sometimes, ok?!) and finally i just drilled the heck out of the hole it was in and hammered it out.  that felt good.  and here is the little sucker:

i saved this knob for weeks to take a picture for this blog.  lame.

another project soon once i find the right color spray paint.  !  how exciting.


  1. Wow, such an improvement to the dresser, it looks great now! I'm always for natural wood surfaces instead of painting, I just love the look of wood :) Love the knobs and the way you hung up your necklaces!

  2. Thank you! I agree with you on the natural wood. Aren't those knobs cool?

  3. Anonymous20.2.12

    i shall be doing this to a few of our dressers. thanks for the idear! - kim

  4. i will warn you that it starts to become a pain in the #$$ - i see why the tutorials are usually just like a plank of wood. it is tedious and a little messy, but a nice outcome, yes?