pumpkin tideland mitts

i just finished this test knit for the Tideland fingerless mitts by londonleo:

this is a beautiful pattern, to be released soon (i'll post when they're released).  i used CEY Alpaca Sox and i love this color.  it suits my blue and orange obsession (which has kind of evolved into red and blue) although i like it with the army green too.

if i make this pattern again, i may adjust where i start the thumb gusset, as i have long fingers and i like my mitts to cover them more.  however, i think where these fall probably looks nicer.

i have a gauge problem and because my gauge tightens as i go along, stop paying attention, start knitting faster, i overcompensated on the right mitt and it's actually a bit looser.

my other issue?  it took over 60 pictures before i could get the semi-decent ones above (that's sort of a lie, the one just above is the first picture i took).  is that normal?  i mean, for those of us who aren't photographers and have a little point-and-shoot with a self-timer?  i often don't blog because i don't have the patience to get a good picture.


  1. I love these Lauren!! The pattern is beautiful of course, but the color you chose is perfect! I like them more with the army green than the blue coat actually.
    Wish I could knit complicated stuff like that :)

  2. Thank you! I think I like them with the army green better too - that's what I was wearing and matched the yarn to when I picked it out. I usually don't like bright or primary colors, but there's something about blue and orange for some reason lately...
    I wish we could trade knitting lessons for photography lessons!

  3. That would be great! Too bad we live about half the world apart :) I don't think I'll be traveling to the US any time soon but if you ever come to Europe you need to stop by!
    I like the combination blue and orange as well, in our new living room we'll have orange pillows as little pops of color and I just got a mint green-bluish lamp at the thrift store. In less than two weeks I'll know if it looks as good in reality as it does in my head ;)

  4. Hey - that's a great excuse to go to Europe! :)

    I love how your lamp sounds with the orange pillows, I know I'm going to love your decorating pics. We're starting the apartment search now, so one day I'll be there too...