linen tova dress

this dress was finished a while ago... somehow when i'm not happy with something i make, i drag my feet to photograph and post it... but i want to post it all, even the mistakes, (an abalone post is also soon to come although long finished for this reason) so....

it's not that bad, but the linen is cheap ($4!) and unimpressive.  i've worn it several times and like it enough - in my twisted mind the cheap, faded-out linen has become "vintage-looking."

 things to learn from:
  • don't buy cheap linen.
  • as soon as i cut it, i realized the length is too short for me as a dress.  i had elaborate plans to make a gathered muslin slip with a raw hem to go under it but, eh, the dress isn't worth it.  hence the leggings.
  • i need to do a better job trimming threads when i'm making french seams.
  • the collar is a hot mess but since the dress, again, was "eh" i didn't worry too much.
  • i tried pockets, toiled over them a bit, made them work, then took them out because they just made me had demented hips.  if i make this again with a more structured fabric i might put the pockets in.

i love wearing two things i've made all at once.


  1. I'm sorry you don't like your dress, I think it looks great!The linen looks soft and lightweight in the pictures and I love the faded color.
    But I know too well we can't change what we like and don't like...I hope it'll grow on you, it's a great dress!

  2. I do wear it a fair amount, but it's not as exciting as a print. I do remember a shirt you posted a while back that you weren't happy with but I liked a lot - you're right, we like what we like!