getting somewhere

it's not that there's nothing going on around here...  everything is just taking a little longer.  these two have been slow going, but i have a finished tova dress (a dark linen that i wish was more like this one) as of last night and am in the final stages of an abalone.  but to post these, i have to get home before dark to take pictures. 

since that's not happening anytime soon, i will have to post a picture of the other reason everything's taking a little bit longer AND the other somewheres i'm gettin'...

hey!  we're moving to baltimore!  (i couldn't find a better picture.  while i AM excited about the orioles, there are many other cool things in baltimore).


  1. Yay for moving! Hope you find a nice place (or have you already?) and everything goes smoothly. Can't wait to see your linen Tova!!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited! We have a temporary place right now, I'm not sure how long until we can get a permanent place - soon we'll be in the same position you were recently.

    My Tova isn't that exciting - I like yours better. I would have liked a patterned fabric but my fabric only cost $4.

  3. Anonymous6.10.11

    Smunch in birdland! Gangway!