wrap me up

i've made myself a few things to wrap myself in... allow myself to introduce myself...
this is kaiju, a norah gaughan pattern from the same booklet as kaari. this was a nice, simple knit and i like the rustic quality the fishermen's wool adds to it. i actually like it better than i thought i would (why was i knitting something i didn't think i'd like?)

this was a quick scarf from that lovely vintage flannel i made my dad's heat wrap in. i don't have enough of it to make pajama pants or a top, and i wanted to put the softness to good use against skin, so a scarf it is!

more to come if i can keep taking a decent photograph.

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  1. Anonymous3.1.11

    I love! that wrap belt number. If only I had the waistline for that one, I'd look like a sausage coming out of its casing, alas, I can drool.