kaari... finally.

this one has been a long time coming. i put it down for months because of wrist pain. that i think was caused by my overly-tense knitting of the sleeves. i rested them, chilled out a little with the tension and went down a needle size for the neck and pockets, and my wrists are doing ok...

this is my favorite of the sweaters i've knit so far!

  • knitted in the round because i like to do as little seaming as possible
  • because the swatch did not come out to the gauge it suggested on the tag, i knitted this a size up from what i would otherwise knit, with the plan for it to come out in between a 32 and 36
  • i added two inches to the body after the decreases (starting the armhole decreases after 18” of length) since i am tall and everything’s always too short
  • i forget the number of stitches i cast on for the pockets, but it was more because my gauge was smaller


  • knit the sleeves on dpn’s. no modifications
  • one of the side pockets sags slightly more than the others, driving me crazy.
  • the yarn is just ok - soft, but quickly seems to have a peach fuzz quality

alright. the next project should hopefully not be a replica of EXACTLY the same color/yarn that everyone else is knitting (as a lot of my projects seem to be). i would like to be a little more creative with what yarns i combine with what patterns. and i love this next yarn.


  1. Anonymous21.6.10

    It is adorable, and i really like the color... as usual you are amazing....except the last picture you posted of yourself... my silly daughter!!!

  2. Beautiful sweater! A sweater is a major undertaking, congrats on finishing it! One of these days I might get enough discipline to do a sweater - sometimes socks are too much for me attention-wise, LOL.

  3. I am so desperate for this beautiful pattern, we can't get it in the UK :o( would you share it? xx