vintage {birthday} shopping in baltimore

With very little spending money on my birthday last week, I took a trip to old reliable - Avenue Antiques!  You know how just when you actually intend to buy something when you shop you can't find anything (as opposed to when you're dead broke and all of a sudden you find everything you love)?  Impossible for me at this store.  The latest goods...

 Flowy, girly, 70's/80's? I need to find or make a slip since it's sheer - I can't wait to wear this.  $25.

The picture doesn't capture the poofy ballerina-ness of this skirt but I love how that style contrasts these colors.  $15 I think?


  1. I love that flowery dress, so elegant and yet wearable to pretty much anything! Do take a picture of you wearing it once you do!
    Happy Birthday :)