little clothes

Ooh, sewing baby clothes is fun and gratifying if you've been sewing only big clothes for a while.  I made this little dress for one of my faux-nieces, who turned one on Friday. 

The cool thing about this dress? The pattern, Simplicity 5333, is a pattern of my Nonna's that I found in her collection. Even cooler? It is copyrighted in 1981, the year I was born, which makes me wonder if she ever made one of these for me. Mom, any idea?

The fabric is Fairy Tale Friends.  I love it and I think I would wear it myself.  I figured everyone gives little girls pink and flowers so I wanted something cute but different. Guess what else? The buttons were from my inherited stash from my Nonna too.

I only mailed it 2 days after her birthday. I'm getting better.


  1. Aw, so cute! Baby clothes are always so sweet and I really like the fabric you picked!

  2. Thank you! This fabric has a nice, thick, soft feel to it too.