kimono tank

my lack of blogging has nothing to do with a lack of sewing. i've got the sewing bug lately, and have a lot of projects to catch up on posting.
this is a tank top pattern from twinkle sews and i used a kimono that i bought at a yard sale (for $1 or $5 i can't remember). the fabric is not at all what is recommended by the pattern, but i really wanted a tank top with this fabric.

i'm happy with the straps and how this looks with aidez but i'm not entirely happy with the pattern writing and the fact that several times my iron burned a nice yellowish stain, including on the top right front. mmhmm.

the fabric is quite stiff and i need to take the straps in more, so the top sits a little funny, but for some reason i love it with this sweater, so it works for me.

more to come.

** update** i always forget to post modifications.

1. when i traced the pattern, i added 1/8" so i could make french seams.
2. after sewing it together, i chopped a bunch of fabric off the back because it was too full/baby doll in the back for my taste.
3. i added that little horizontal piece in the middle of the bust because i liked the contrasting stripes.
4. i only lined the top (lined with the same fabric).

ok i think that's it. duh. kind of the point of posting is to learn something.


  1. this is so lovely! how did i not realize that twinkle had a sewing book?! i think amazon is about to receive an order from me today...

  2. That is really cute! i could even wear it. I love the things you make, but obv. don't have the figure you do...but this one!

  3. thanks to both of you!

    kelli ann - some of the clothes in the book are cool, but the patterns aren't written that well. if you have some sewing experience you can finagle it.

    jenn - you absolutely could wear this and i think it would look great! do you ever sew clothes?