another finally

a lot of "finally done" projects around here lately... i'm full of excuses. but i finally finished these slippers from ithinksew.com on etsy. {wow, i never went on the website until now - i am going to be purchasing more patterns here!}

anyways, here is my final product:

these feel sooo nice.... the fabric was a little tough to work with, but worth it. i realize the sole is not very attractive, but more functional than satin.

i bought this pattern over a year ago and had trouble understanding, so put the project in an 11-month time out. with a little more experience under my belt, i picked it up again and worked through it. then, i melted the second slipper. finishing the second of a pair is always hard for me (handwarmers to be posted one day), harder when i am almost done and ruined the slipper and the iron.

regardless, i wore the left one for a couple days because they feel so nice. kind of like when i was 5 and had one pierced ear for 6 months because it hurt so bad i wouldn't let them pierce the other one.

so they're finally done and they may have been a record for the longest project so far...

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