a little bunny

for my favorite "faux-niece" (one of my best friend's daughters who calls me AUNTIE LALA.  i love it.)  e turned 3 last month, and i got this bunny to her in the timely manner of one month late.  i've had a lot going on.

this bunny is the Well-Dressed Bunny - i liked the simplicity of it, as well as the fact that 3 is a good age to dress and undress things. non-human things i mean.

miss e also loves fairies so i fashioned a set of fairy wings (this took a few tries and some experimental wire until i just decided to make stuffed wings).

i used lion's brand fisherman's wool (that skein just doesn't quit) and made no modifications.  the whole bunny has a lopsidedness which, fortunately, i think is cute, but was unintentional and a result of poor stitching on my part.  she doesn't sit on her bottom very well either!  stitching the mouth was hard for me, apparently because i overdid it (as usual).  when i got to the eyes, i did about 3-4 quick stitches, and they were just right.  will ever remember to go easy?

if there is a soul in the world who cares to know the pattern i concocted for the wings, i will post it, but i figured the chances were slim that there is a need for them!

tomorrow is my first day off in a couple weeks, and hopefully the eve of my return... how dramatic...


addendum:  did i never post e's gift from her 2nd birthday last year?  that is weird because i was happy with it and i usually think WAY too much about posting things.  well, here is manti, in cascade 220 superwash, the collared verstion, with blue buttons:

(the third picture i mostly just posted because of those eyes!)


  1. Aw, it's so cute Lauren! E will be thrilled :) My boyfriend has an old teddybear that looks very similar, it's the same color with a green shirt as well. He's had it for all of its life and all the fur has been cuddled off, but I won't let him throw it away :) Merry christmas!

  2. Anonymous2.1.12

    I would like that sweater in my size please. :)

  3. ha! i think there is a pattern for an adult version. coming right up!