squares square top

  • thrifted sheet from salvation army, $1.49
  • 20" wide by 26" long, plus seam allowances (french seams)
  • slightly curved hem at the side seams; if i thought ahead i might have made this longer and made more of shirttail hem
  • offset the vertical strip, and matched it to the back (the horizontal stripes are not matched to the back)
  • made a muslin first (glad i did)
  • the curve of the neckline took a couple tries; i'm happy with how it came out, but the fabric does pucker a bit.  maybe should have made a neckline binding, like the wiksten tank
  • underarm seams were a little tricky since there is no actual sleeve
super happy with this one, love it


  1. I love it Lauren, the stripes really make it interesting!! I've been eyeing that pattern on pinterest as well, maybe I'll get around to making it some time.

  2. Thanks! This was one of my favorite garments I've made now. I like this pattern - I do think it helped to do a muslin first, I made several adjustments from it.

  3. Anonymous14.11.11

    I love the print you used. The top looks fantastic on you!

  4. Thanks! I always like the prints you use, so I take that as a big compliment!

  5. too cute!