vintage finds

we spent yesterday afternoon doing some vintage shopping in boston - i found stuff at two great stores, one of which i had NEVER been to or heard of and can't believe i was missing out, and one which i knew of but did not realize was as great as it is.

i bought this dress at oona's, which was having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale!  this dress was $17.50.  i want to fall-ize it (like wear it with layers for fall), cardigan, tights, boots.

this little scarf i found at cafe society for $6, which i had never heard of or been to before yesterday.  i used to live not too far from there at one point.  shame.  this scarf might become a pillow.

and this necklace is also from oona's, and $7.50!  the chain is kind of short, so it hangs down from your collarbone, which is kind of nice, i usually buy pendants on longer chains.  this is almost a choker but not (hello 90's!).

we also went to garment district where i found nothing.  and now i'm off to saver's to find an old sweater to unravel and knit with...


  1. Oh, I LOVE that yellow scarf, it would be perfect as a pillow!!

  2. I thought you might like it!

  3. Anonymous9.9.11

    my coworker and i are going out thrifting tomorrow - thanks for the tips on where to go! That scarf is gonna be a sweet pillow

  4. you're welcome! good luck! both those places are a treasure... for secondhand i also like buffalo exchange in davis and the harvard square second time around. i'm going to the sowa vintage market on sunday - that is the best for home stuff.

  5. Anonymous10.9.11

    whoa cool - the sowa market looks awesome!