my... "studio"

i have finally completed my little, tiny workspace. it consists of about a 4'x8' section of my little, tiny bedroom. unfortunately for ben, it's on his side of the bed...
i've lived in this apartment for a year now, and am almost close to being done with the major decorating and arranging. phew. not a quick task with a small budget and the primary source being yard sales and thrift stores. but much more satisfying than a quick ikea fill.

i've collected a few vintage pieces i love, including the antique typography drawer that i mounted on the wall and filled with spools of threads, and the egg-shaped case that holds fo's or projects in time out. i LOVE vintage suitcases and have them all over the apartment for storage/decoration, including the one holding my sewing supplies.

a big source of inspiration is family, including the pictures of my mom that i've blogged about before, a membership card of my grandmother's from 1968, from the amalgamated clothing workers of america, a picture of my father's grandmother knitting in a rowboat in 1917, and a knitting tag of my father's sister. i think about my nonna ALL THE TIME when i am sewing, which is such a great way to remember her.

the last step is a change of curtains. another long overdue decorating project will hopefully be posted soon.

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