not too proud of this one

i made these quickly and poorly. i was really excited to use a vintage sheet of my mom's to make pajama pants from sewing green. i was so excited that i sped through them and the sewing is really pretty terrible. fortunately, no one will really ever see this besides me (ben would never notice) and i am going put a little more care into it from now on.

apparently the quality of the pictures is on par with the quality of the sewing.

however - i like these a lot. i used the edge of the sheet for the cuff/hem, rather than sewing on cuffs, and i added a little length. next time, i'm going to use the smaller pattern size and add another inch or two to the length. the lightweight, broken-in fabric is so comfortable.

crazy coincidence - when i first went to make these pants, i found that the vintage sheet i wanted to use was the exact same one used in the book! then i realized i liked them too much to cut into them and would rather put them on my bed.

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