something for me

this is the first article of clothing i've sewn for myself. well, in the last decade. and that is more than a few pieces. and without my mom's help. anyways, i made the "taking manhattan" top from twinkle sews. i like it a lot - i cut a size 4, which ended up fitting me smaller than it is supposed to, but since the top is intended to be oversized, i like how it turned out. this fabric was a nice crisp cotton, and i spent under $6 on it. this is a $6 shirt!
printing and taping together the patterns was sort of a pain but not as bad as i thought, but pinning it to the fabric was SO much easier than tissue paper. overall the pattern was easy but the instructions missed a few steps - i couldn't have made this if i hadn't sewn much before.
up next is another version of this same pattern with some adjustments.... well, it's actually finished except for the hem because i ran out of black thread. like 3 weeks ago.

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