let's get movin'

OK, here we go.  Move on over with me to awfully nice - smunch will stay online but I won't be posting anymore, so change your bookmarks, readers, etc., whatever it is you do!  Thanks for reading!


real-life sewists!

Alright, I can't stand it.  I'm all blog-chaste and then I went to this AWESOME DC/MD/VA blogger/sewist meetup this weekend and met all these nice people (People who SEW.  They sew.  Did you get that?) and got all this good stuff and took a bunch of pictures.  And I also can't stand how long it takes to upload my pictures.  We'll see which impatience of mine wins out.

As you can tell, I don't know anyone in real life who sews, besides my mom, who used to sew (and recently I found out the only clothes she sewed were for me, never for herself.  Geez.)  This was so great.  There was a lot of skill and knowledge in the room and I have so much to learn!  For instance, hearing people talk so much about fiber content kind of makes me laugh because I don't have a CLUE about fiber content and therefore never know how to wash anything and probably often use the wrong fabrics for the job.

Alright, enough talking, here are some pics...

That's about all the pictures I can handle waiting for.  Check out Robin's (our wonderful host) and Cidell's posts and pictures, and Lisa (our organizer) should have more to come.  Ooh, I hope on day we do a NYC fabric-shopping trip.

So it's killing me a little to take this hiatus because I'm starting to accumulate a lot of good stuff to post!  I'll figure out something...  In the meantime, I think the blog is due for a big revamp and I'm not sure I want to continue with blogspot.  Any recommendations?