oh, i give in

i'm blog-crazy, i'm tired of it, i'm back. who knows what i want. but the tumblr thing wasn't working for me - i really don't know how it works and how to format it the way i want. although that's true for blogger too. which is why those two pictures above are actually supposed to be at the bottom but i can't seem to move them today. perhaps my return to blogging may again be short if it's as much of a pain in the $#5 as it always was. anyways, i've been busy knitting and sewing and never seem to want to keep my big mouth shut, so i'm back. and here's some of what i've been up to (thermis above):
manti size 3 but with a smaller gauge to turn out a size 2. she's so cute, it really doesn't matter what i knit. really happy that it fit and hope it can also be worn by a future sibling (or two?...)
i have more to take pictures of and post... among other things that make blogging difficult, is the fact that i really can't take a decent picture of myself wearing my creations. pictures of garments lying on my couch are only so interesting. some combination of crappy camera, uncomfortable model, no good backdrop and not home during daylight hours make it challenging. but i have a knit obi-style belt done, a tova top, and i'm closer to a humanoid knock-off...


tired of this blog.

that's it. so for now i'm justing posting pictures on tumblr: http://littlegraybird.tumblr.com/

pictures of my projects, photos i've taken, and other photos that inspire me one way or another.